Can Goldendoodles live outside?

Have you got a wonderful outdoor or kennel living set-up? Are you wondering if you can keep your Goldendoodle puppy outside? Goldendoodles are fantastic, beautiful, energetic breeds with an insatiable hunger for human companionship – which is why they shouldn’t be outside.

But aside from their social personality, why aren’t they outdoor dogs? We’ve fetched all the information you need. Let’s get into it!

Why shouldn’t a Goldendoodle live outside?

Goldendoodles make a wonderful family companion. And what excellent family dog wants to stow away from its family? Their positive personality traits include cuddly, loving, and social. Their tenderness makes them excellent therapy dogs. Keeping your dog outdoors could take those traits away from them.

Let’s see how:

They are liable for separation anxiety

It’s no surprise that anything social, let alone a very social dog, is susceptible to separation anxiety. Goldendoodle puppies form a close bond with their owners, so once away from them, they can retaliate with loud barking, howling, and extreme worry – which could upset your Goldendoodle for longer than their time outdoors.

Their fur can be spoiled

A Goldendoodle’s coat can be challenging at the best of times. Although golden retrievers, the pet parents of your Goldendoodle, can typically survive the outdoors, those genes haven’t passed down to their offspring.

Goldendoodle fur is high maintenance and needs regular grooming and brushing daily. And all of this is when they’re an inside dog. So can you imagine the state of your Goldendoodle if they’re an outdoor dog? All that mud, grass, (and potentially even worse) matted in their coat sounds like a nightmare! Top tip: stay clear!

They are friendly dogs

A Goldendoodle actively enjoys human company, so being left alone outdoors for extended periods can turn your tender dog ruinous. Goldendoodles are also known for their beautiful, unforgettable smiles.

Unfortunately, your Goldendoodle won’t adapt as most outside dogs do. It’s easy for your Goldendoodle to get depressed if they’re retained from their family because dogs have feelings too!

What to consider if you keep your Goldendoodle inside?

You should know that Goldendoodle dogs stand for the indoor lifestyle. But, there are things you should know before you welcome your puppy into your home. Such as:

How long you’ll be out for

Your affectionate and gentle dog needs a human around them to show their companionship! If you’re not there, what are they going to do?

Luckily, with proper training, clingy dog breeds will be fine on their own – as long as it’s not for too long. Dogs tend to get restless after the 5th hour as a puppy and the 7th hour as an adult. If you work a job that keeps you away for longer than that, more times than not, then we’d suggest finding a dog sitter or something similar.

Toilet breaks

If you leave your Goldendoodle indoors, you’ll want to set up an area for them to do their business (if they’re a puppy). Older dogs can hold their bladder for up to ten hours. Although, a healthy dog should never have to hold it that long. Most dogs need regular toilet breaks, roughly every few hours.

Crate training

One reason why other dog owners prefer outside dogs is that they’re scared to leave them inside. They worry for their belongings and the dreaded feeling when you open the front door to smell a mistake that shouldn’t be there on your new white blanket!

If you decide to crate-train, you must also consider your dog’s food. The crate has to be big enough for a bowl of water, food, and a bed!

Timid owners who spend time worrying about their dog indoors would benefit from crate training their puppy. Not only will your beloved belongings be safe, but so will your puppy! Your dog’s crate, when trained correctly, will be its safe place.

The temperature

The majority of Goldendoodles will be fine at 45 degrees F. But if you have a larger breed, they could be comfortable with a lower temperature. Be mindful of your dog’s size and fur, as that will determine how hot or cold weather will affect them.

Final woofs

Your golden retriever poodle mix makes excellent family dogs and should only be outdoors playing fetch or digging up dirt. If your family is going to be away for long periods, why not consider a doggy daycare? Keep these dogs indoors to keep your Goldendoodle a ray of joy, light, and energy!


What dogs can I keep outside?

Here are other dogs you can keep outside:

  • Rottweilers (an excellent watch-dog)
  • Beagles (although they would rather have another dog with them)
  • Irish Wolfhounds (however, they love to chase animals, so make sure they’re locked up well!)

How cold is too cold for Goldendoodles?

Below 20 degrees F is way too cold for your Goldendoodle to be outside.

How many hours can I leave a Goldendoodle alone?

We recommend not leaving your dog alone for more than 6-7 hours.

Can my Goldendoodle be trusted alone?

Goldendoodles are relatively well-behaved dogs who don’t cause trouble. However, if you keep them on their own for long periods, they may get restless and mischievous. Destructive behaviors might come out, so it’s best to crate-train them, so you don’t have to worry about trusting them.