Are Goldendoodles Smart?

We dog owners all like to believe that our dogs are the smartest (and the cutest!). But how true is that regarding the golden retriever poodle mix?

We’ll determine why a Goldendoodle is among the smartest dog breeds available and how their canine intelligence can benefit its owner.

Are Goldendoodles smart dog breeds?

Does a dog bark? The answer is yes, absolutely!

Being a mixed breed, with a poodle ranking 2nd as the smartest dog breed and a golden retriever ranking 4th, it’s no surprise that a Goldendoodle is smarter than your average dog breed.

The Goldendoodle’s intelligence is based on the dog’s ability to respond to commands. Goldendoodle dogs are known to react correctly to a command on the first attempt. Some might call their uncanny ability to respond to commands with ease witchcraft. But we call it genetics.

How to tell if your Goldendoodle is smart

You know in your heart that your little bundle of fluff is smart, but how can you determine this? Luckily, various behaviors prove your Goldendoodle is an intelligent dog. Such as:

  • Your dog enjoys puzzle toys and has great problem-solving skills.
  • Their gentle temperament and instinctive intelligence make them great at reading your emotions and providing companionship.
  • They can remember basic commands even if you haven’t practiced with them in a while.
  • They have an uncanny ability to communicate what they want through their actions.Is your cute golden sunshine lying on its back and showing you its belly? They want belly rubs! Are they putting their little paw on your hand? They want a handshake!
  • Unlike other dog breeds, they can encourage you to play with them by bringing you their favorite toy.
  • Their high adaptive intelligence allows them to learn new tricks without much help and, in some instances, almost instantly.

Why can a Goldendoodle’s intelligence be good for its owner?

They make great family dogs.

The Goldendoodle dog is an excellent dog breed if you have young children, toddlers, and even babies in your family. These intelligent dogs can sense if someone is less able.

This means they take extra care of little ones. Like golden retrievers, a Goldendoodle will become your child’s best friend, anchor, and companion as they grow up.

They can read your emotions.

Like most dog breeds, a Goldendoodles canine intelligence can latch onto your emotions. If you’re feeling sad and overwhelmed, your Goldendoodle will know.

Their instinctive intelligence makes them excellent therapy dogs, and they will snuggle up to you when feeling down.

They can communicate with you.

The Goldendoodle breed loves to please. Like golden retrievers, they enjoy learning new commands and words from their owners. This cross breed loves finding new ways to communicate with their human parents.

Smart things you might see your Goldendoodle do

  • Solve tricky dog puzzles
  • Quickly remember a command (often after one practice)
  • Copy a human’s actions, such as opening a gate or escaping out of their crate
  • They can read the room – if you need quiet, they can give you that

Things Goldendoodle owners should consider to help their dog’s intelligence


Types of training to practice early on are potty and crate training. A Goldendoodles canine intelligence, mixed with their golden retriever and poodle personality, makes them quick to catch onto commands. They are very outgoing dogs, so they enjoy learning new things, no matter their age.


Taking your Goldendoodle puppy out to see the world is extremely important. They must experience different people, other dogs, new smells, sounds, and places. All this will help Goldendoodle dogs understand their surroundings and enforce a positive upbringing.

As a dog owner, your Goldendoodle must socialize well, as great socialization leads them to be the most intelligent dog.


The Goldendoodle is bursting with energy, so they need a lot of exercises. Playing fetch, running with them, and taking them to the park will allow your Goldendoodle to release pent-up energy. Which means they’ll be more welcoming to learning new things!

Final woofs

So there you have it, a complete – persuasive – guide to why the Goldendoodle breed makes an excellent companion, family pet, or therapy dog.

Their adaptive intelligence makes them a pleasure to train, and their unique nature can even make them trained in animal behavior or in looking after the elderly.

But don’t worry if your Goldendoodle isn’t performing acts as impressive as those we’ve talked about in this guide. Each puppy is different; just like humans, some take time to hone their abilities.


What makes Goldendoodles so special?

Not only are they smart dogs, but Goldendoodles make great service dogs. They’re able to lead the blind and help anyone having panic attacks, terrors, or flashbacks. The Goldendoodle’s intelligence is not to be compared to average dogs, as they’ve been known to save the lives of their owners.

Will it be easy to train my Goldendoodle puppy?


Goldendoodles are a pleasure to train, but this doesn’t mean you can be lax with them. Take advantage of their eagerness and adaptability, as you can make impressive progress with consistency.

Do Goldendoodles bark a lot?

Goldendoodles aren’t known to be huge barkers. However, if your Goldendoodle is barking excessively, it’d be best to seek pet medical advice, as something might be bothering your Goldendoodle.