When to switch from puppy food to dog food: Goldendoodle

Throwing out your Goldendoodle puppy chow is like sending your child off to school for the first time. You find yourself asking, ‘how did they grow up so fast?’ and then… ‘what am I going to feed them now?’

Your little ray of golden sunshine is not so little anymore…and maybe you think the time has come to switch their food to adult dog food. But did you know that there are risks of making the switch too soon? Let’s get into everything you need to know about making the switch.

Is your Goldendoodle puppy ready for adult dog food? Here are the signs:

As per veterinary advice, there’s a general rule of thumb for when to make the switch. This will depend on your puppy’s size and age:

  • Little dog breeds: Between 9-12 months of age and 20 pounds or below in weight.
  • Medium dog breeds: Between 12-18 months of age and 20-50 pounds in weight.
  • Large dog breeds: Between 18-24 months of age.

However, this isn’t a guaranteed schedule to follow, as each puppy will be different. There are more signs to look out for. They could be:

They’re not as active

Goldendoodle adult dogs are energised canines on a bad day…so Goldendoodle puppies are like children on a sugar rush…in fast-forward. Ever seen your Goldendoodle puppy run around like it’s been launched on a rocket ship? That’s called zoomies – and yes, it’s a real thing!

Although zoomies might not completely stop as your puppy gets older, they can decrease. Have you noticed your Goldendoodle puppy sleeps more than plays? If their energy levels aren’t quite what they used to be, there’s a high chance it’s because they’re not getting the nutrients they need from puppy dog food.

They’re not as hungry

Your puppy’s food is a calorie-rich food, full of vitamins that form your puppy into an adult. An adult diet doesn’t require high-calorie food, so your puppy might leave more food than usual or skip some meals.

Goldendoodle puppies need roughly three meals daily, depending on portion sizes, but an adult dog only needs two.

They’ve gained weight

Not all Goldendoodle puppies will skip their meal. Having eyes too big for your belly isn’t strictly a human trait. Some puppies will continue to eat the meals you give them, even if their bodies don’t necessarily need the food. If it looks like your puppy has put on some pounds, that could be a sign they’re ready to make the switch.

What are the issues with switching your Goldendoodle food too early?

Once you take your baby home from the hospital, will they have a McDonald’s Big Mac waiting for them? No!

Like humans, feeding your puppy adult dog foods too early could harm your puppy’s health. Here’s why:


Ever been on a diet and eaten foods that aren’t filling you up? The result is usually overeating to fix a craving. This can happen to puppies who aren’t eating the high-calorie food they need. If your Goldendoodle seems hungrier than usual, there’s a chance you switched too soon.

But take this with a pinch of salt! Many dogs are always hungry…even if they’ve received the correct measurements. If you’re unsure, we recommend seeking professional veterinary advice.

Poor brain development

As a puppy, your Goldendoodle’s food contains quality ingredients, such as amino acids, that are essential to your puppy’s health. Growing puppies need the correct amount of puppy supplements to reach their full potential – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Goldendoodle puppies are one of the smartest dog breeds. Feeding your puppy mature food too early could cause you to miss out on all the wonderful, funny, and weirdly intelligent things your Goldendoodle can do.

Joint problems

Giant breeds can suffer more from joint problems with or without an early switch, so it’s particularly important if you have a large breed puppy not to feed them adult food too early.

Unfortunately, most golden retriever breeds are prone to joint issues, so making sure they receive their puppy food full of calcium is vital.

Restrained growth

Although having a grown dog that always looks like a puppy sounds cute, it isn’t good for them. If you feed your Goldendoodle adult food too soon, they wouldn’t have had the correct amount of vitamins for their bodies to grow to their full size. This will make it difficult for your dog to be at a healthy weight and could severely impact your dog’s life.

How to execute the perfect puppy to adult food switch for your Goldendoodle

Hopefully, your Goldendoodle puppy won’t notice that its beloved baby food is gone. We’ll walk you through (on a direct leash) how to pull off the perfect exchange like a ninja! First, before we get technical and sneaky, you’ll want to…

Talk to the vet

Your vet can tell you if your puppy is ready to make the switch. They do a physical examination and determine if their growth stages have been planned. If they give you the go-ahead, they may recommend the best Goldendoodle puppy food. Next, you’ll want to follow these steps:

Do it slowly

Instantly changing your dog’s food could cause an upset stomach. So it’s best to make the change slowly – around two weeks. Follow this schedule below to pull off the perfect switch:

Just a smidge

Day one: It’s best to include a little adult food in your puppy’s new food. We recommend around a quarter adult food and the rest puppy food. Your Goldendoodle may have certain food allergies, and it would be during the switch that they’d show, so be sure to look out for this. Continue this for at least three days.

half and half

Day three: If all seems good, make the pet food equal to puppy and adult amounts. Again, repeat the process of watching for signs of allergies. If your dog’s showing signs of an upset stomach, you may need to go back to the day one phase or try switching foods altogether. Continue this phase for another three days.

almost there

Your dog has almost made the complete transition! Now, you want to put only a quarter of the puppy food into your dog’s meals. Continue for another three days.

Victory is yours

There you have it! Hasta la vista puppy food!

You should now be feeding your Goldendoodle 100% adult dog food.

Keep a close eye on them

It can take a puppy time to adjust to the new food, just as it can take time for allergies to show. It’s common for a puppy to love their new meals simply because it tastes something new and tastes different; over time, they may start eating less of them.

Final woofs

And there you have it! Your complete guide to making the switch the smart way. We hope this has helped you learn more about your Goldendoodle and that they grow to be healthy, beautiful golden dogs!


How long will my Goldendoodle stay a puppy?

The consensus is that they’ll stay puppies for about a year. But this isn’t a definite for standard Goldendoodles, who might remain a puppy for up to eighteen months!

What is the best dry food for my Goldendoodle puppy?

Look at our comprehensive guide on the best puppy food for your Goldendoodle. It contains only high-quality dog food for your fur babies!

What should I feed my Goldendoodle puppy if it has a sensitive stomach?

Chicken meal with rice is always best for dogs who have been sick that day or are continuously sick. This will help settle their stomach. Next, you’ll want to change their dog food to something new.

The best dog foods to try could be: